Beyblades and Digivices available in Sweden, shipping to all of Europe!

Welcome to Shouri Toys! Sweden’s first Japanese battling toy focused hobby store!

Founded in 2021, we aim to bring Japanese enthusiast toys to a wider market in Europe. We specialise in Beyblades and Digimon Virtual Pets that are exclusive to Japan!

“Shouri” or “勝利” is a term used in Japanese to mean “victory” and that’s exactly what we sell – competitive toys for winners!

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We stock the latest Digimon virtual pet, the Digivice-V! The Digivice-V is the latest version of the award winning Vital Bracelet combined virtual pet and fitness tracker and has a ton of quality of life improvements that make it better than ever!

Get active with fitness incentives that strengthen your Digimon and help it Digivolve into stronger forms!

Take your Digimon online with the mobile app to fight opponent’s all around the world or team up with them in raid battles against the toughest Digimon!

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We sell a variety of Beyblade products, including starter sets, launchers, Beystadia and individual Beys!

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of what the best Beyblades are too so if you aren’t sure where to start, get in touch and we’ll be able to help you find the right product for you!

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