Digivice V

The latest model of the Vital Bracelet fitness tracker and virtual pet hybrid!


  • Digivice V Vital Bracelet
  • Gammamon DIM card
  • VS Memory card
  • USB charge cable (no plug included)


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Digivice V

The Digivice V is a virtual pet and fitness tracker combined – an upgraded version of the Vital Bracelet with some quality of life improvements and the same compatibility. Featured in the newest Digimon Anime series, Digimon Ghost Game, experience the classic Digimon virtual pet experience with added fitness incentives and game modes! Raise your Digimon, Digivolve to many different new forms, fight against enemies in a single player adventure mode as you exercise, battle friends using the VS memory system and take your experience online and battle competitively in the arena and cooperatively in raid battles!

Please note that the instructions for this product are only available in Japanese but a full translation is available here. The product itself is playable as the gameplay does not feature any essential text, though, there is some Japanese flavour text. The smartphone app is available in English but is not available from the European app store – it can be downloaded and installed on your device with either an Asian or North American app store account or can be installed manually on Android with the APK file which you can easily find online!

We highly recommend picking up a DiM Card Holster as the DiM Cards are easily lost and without them, you will be unable to use lots of features!

This product is not recommended for children under 8 years old and children should always be supervised when using it!

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