Beyblade Limit Break DX Set

The ideal starter set to get into the hobby with enough for two people to play!


  • Hyperion Burn Cho Xceed’+X
  • Helios Volcano Ou Zone’+Z
  • Dash Beystadium
  • Long Superking BeyLauncher L
  • Long Superking BeyLauncher R


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Limit Break DX Set

The ideal entry point into Beyblade, the Limit Break DX Set comes with two powerful Beyblades, two extra-long superking launchers and a Beystadium! Enough for two players to play and with some highly competitive parts that are worth owning for any serious hobbyists!

The extra long superking launchers (this comes with both a left and right spinning launcher) are amongst the best launchers available right now and are worth owning. Both of the drivers included with this set, Xceed dash and Zone dash, are also competitive pieces and are fairly versatile thanks to the customisation chips that come with the set, +X and +Z (Be extremely careful when attaching them, though, as they can be extremely difficult to remove!). The Beystadium included here is fairly unique and makes for some really explosive matches too and is not sold separately either!

New to Beyblade? Check out the official Beyblade YouTube channel to learn more!

This product comes with both left and right spin launchers so is compatible with any of our range of Beyblades!

Please note that all instructions contained with this product are only available in Japanese! This product is not recommended for children under 8 years old and children should always be supervised when using it!

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Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 47 × 44 × 12 cm


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