Lucifer The End

Lucifer The End Kou Drift


  • Lucifer II Superking Chip
  • The End Ring
  • Kou Forge Disc
  • Drift Driver


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Lucifer The End

Lucifer The End Kou Drift is one of the three “limit break” Beys that were released as part of the Superking range and has a hidden ability that activates only once it suffers some clicks – in this case, the outer sections of the combined Ring and Chassis (The End) become loose and spin independently of the Bey, absorbing attacks from the opponent’s Bey!

Lucier The End also features three notable parts. The first notable part is the “Kou” forge disc – as it is one of the three limit break forge discs, this part is worth picking up due to the limited customisation options that those Beys have available. The Drift driver is an extremely competitive driver because it has such a wide base so is incredibly difficult to knock over and just keeps on spinning! The Lucifer chip also features quite a lot of metal and that additional weight is something often sought after in competitive play!

New to Beyblade? Check out the official Beyblade YouTube channel to learn more!

You’ll need a Right Spin Launcher for this product and we recommend only using Beyblades in a Beystadium (both sold separately).

Please note that all instructions contained with this product are only available in Japanese!

This product is not recommended for children under 8 years old and children should always be supervised when using it!


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