Renamon DiM Card

A DiM Card for the Digivice V or Vital Bracelet Virtual Pet with Renamon from Digimon Tamers!


  • Renamon DiM Card


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Renamon DiM Card

A new set of Digimon for your Digivice-V or Vital Bracelet featuring Renamon from the Digimon Tamers series!

Digimon Vital Bracelet or Digivice-V is required to use this product and we high.

Please note that the instructions for this product are only available in Japanese. The product itself is playable as the gameplay does not feature any essential text, though, there is some Japanese flavour text.

We highly recommend picking up a DiM Card Holster as the DiM Cards are small and easily lost!

This product is not recommended for children under 8 years old and children should always be supervised when using it!


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